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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Firsts Magazine

A well written magazine all about collecting books, Firsts, supplies a wealth of information in every issue.

Book collectors want true first editions; but identifying a book as such requires significant knowledge. Sadly, most Internet book dealers who have gotten into the game over the last couple of years lack that knowledge. Many, many mistakes show up in listings on the Internet all the time, I believe honest errors by people who simply do not realize the different between a "first thus" and a "first state."

Not only does this magazine educate the collector and dealer on the nitty-gritty details of collecting, each issue focuses on a single author or small group of authors, listing the work of the author and giving key points on the identification of valuable editions.

I've been reading Firsts for a while, and ordered back issues as well. I use it to help make sure that when I say a book is a first edition, it really is. In this business, as in life, reputation is everything.

Highly recommended.

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