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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nice Words from an Unhappy Client

Well, the lady who didn't like "At All Costs" is returning the book. She sent me a very lovely message saying she was pleased with my service.

I didn't really want that book back. Now I feel I owe her money to pay her shipping costs. I'll try to figure that out once the book gets here, after my vacation.

Vacation time - as of Sunday evening, I'll suspend all my offerings and Monday will be my last shipping day for over a week. I'm going with family and friends to sunny Playa del Carmen, to spend a week snorkeling, swimming and being lazy. We're headed to the Barcelo, which will be a new resort for us.

I hate to brag, but we are also doing a very good thing for our good friend who has been very ill with cancer. She has stage IV kidney cancer. She works as a secretary in a large government agency, and could never afford a nice vacation like this. So we are taking her and her teen-aged son. She's never been to Mexico, much less the fabulous beaches along the east coast of the Yucatan.

She may never get a chance to travel; she might not be around this time next year.

But we still have hope. And, in the meanwhile, we will share and celebrate the time we have left.


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