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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So Much for Perfect Feedback

Phew! What a day.

I spent the day and evening at the hospital, staying with a friend who's baby came very close to dying.

When I finally got home, had a bite to eat, cleaned my kitchen and visited with my kids; then I logged on, only to find a very angry e-mail.

Well, I deserved it. This guy bought a 2 CD set from me, and I only sent him one of the discs. I can understand his anger and frustration. So, ok, as soon as I read the e-mail, I issued a full refund and an apology.

Then when I logged on to Amazon, I noticed my previously perfect feedback score had been ruined. The guy left a very negative message.

I am disappointed that he didn't give me any opportunity to make my mistake up to him. He said the CD looked like a used hockey puck - well, I didn't see it that way, and I did play it once. Maybe it did look bad, but it played ok. But I very clearly remember only one CD in the jewel case. The description on Amazon says it's a 2 CD set. My mistake.

He gets to keep the CD and his money. Well, that's ok, too. It's just business. If I get upset over every $4.34 sale that goes bad, I'll never move ahead.

What I would like to do, though, is find a way to block him as a customer from dealing with me. I would like to deal with people who give sellers a chance to make good on mistakes before leaving bad feedback.

I know e-bay offers an option to block bidders. I just haven't been able to locate one on Amazon.

Oh, and today I found out my friend's baby is expected to survive. Poor thing was born without a heartbeat and still needs help with breathing. They think she might go home in a few weeks.

And now, it's back to work time!


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