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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Husband Messes Up

Well, I guess I get the quality of help that I pay for. Since Mike works for free......

He shipped girls clothes to the wrong address. When I got the e-mail from the buyer, I checked my stock, and there, neatly wrapped in tissue paper, were the clothes I'd sold.


I immediately issued a full refund. The buyer was actually pretty nice about it; her e-mail described a lot I'd sold to someone else. That someone didn't pay me, so I guess it's working out okay. I don't have a fixed policy on how long to wait before I invoice someone, and just hadn't got to it.

Anyhow, I shipped the correct clothes to the buyer as soon as I could, and enclosed a pre-paid mailer asking her to ship the other stuff back to me.

My husband tells me all girls clothes are pink and yellow; he honestly doesn't know the difference between Gymboree and Old Navy. I told him to check the labels. This conversation is not finished.

I hope the buyer ships those clothes back. Just in case the other lady decides to pay me.


Shipped nine books in the last 2 days. I guess that makes me still very small time. And I broke even on most of them; earned less than $10.00 on the highest priced book. This business is harder than it looked a few months ago.


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