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Monday, June 26, 2006

Customer Finally Paid - Now What?

That lady who was so slow to pay finally got her act together. The payment showed in my account Thursday. Naturally she wants priority mail.

I got a e-mail from the woman I shipped the clothes to by mistake. She got the right shipment and the mailer and sent the stuff back.

I guess if the stuff shows up in today's mail I can ship it on to the right person. If not, I'll make yet another refund. Darn!

Pretty tired today. Spent all night at the hospital Saturday; went back after church for an emergency baptism. The hospital fit about a dozen people into a big room that looked like and OR. The pastor performed a beautiful, simple ceremony that brought great comfort to the parents and everbody else. All the women and several of the men cried. My friend's baby has a very poor prognosis.

And, of course, back to my real job today. Life is sure fun.


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