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Monday, January 08, 2007


Well, Darkness at Noon did not sell. Looks like I priced it too high. I suppose I thought someone else who had read it would want a collectable copy.

And a number of other books I offered at Christmas didn't sell. Oh, well ... I guess I'll reduce the price and see if we get any takers.

Sold in the last few days: "Grumpy Old Men" on VHS for $0.86. Brand new in original shrink wrap. I didn't make any money on that one.

Also sold some books for $0.75. Loss leaders, people are generally pleased with them, but I can't stay in business with those.

I did sell a lot of nine hardbacks by John Grisham. The nice lady I shipped them to sent them back - they were a gift from her son, and she didn't know it. He sent me a little more for postage, so I sent them back out. I hope she likes them - they were all in really good condition, and a bargain to boot.


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