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Friday, August 11, 2006

Drop shipping

Well, here I go again. Drop-shipping for someone more skilled than I am. Working at a very low rate of pay for someone else. It feels like someone is taking advantage of me, I just can't figure out the details of her business model.

I offer many very good books at rock-bottom prices. By cheap, I mean 75 cents. Somehow this woman has figured out how to market my product at a higher price.

I get a sales order thru Half.com, then an e-mail from her asking me not to enclose an invoice with the sale.

When I check her out by looking at her e-bay profile, I find she's been buying for about 4 months, averages over 800 transactions per month, and has a very positive feedback rating.

And I can't shake the feeling this is the same person I've dealt with a few times before.

She's on to something. I wish I knew programming. I'd like to have a money machine like the one she's built.


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